About ANKO Gantt chart

  • ● Create and edit issue (delete included)
  • ● Create child task
  • ● Easy schedule change by drag & drop the Gantt bar
  • ● Sequential and collective editing of Gantt bar
  • ● Designate parent task and target version by drag & drop
  • ● Issue column additional marking
  • ● Mark guidelines
  • ● Show full screen
  • ● Automatically update Gantt bar according to issue period indication and editing
  • ● Mark initial planned date
  • ● Expand, reduce to tree structure
  • ● Mark holidays


Easily add or edit schedules using Anko Gantt Chart
for real-time schedule and progress management.

With easy addition and editing of schedules, frequent changes to your project schedule and progress are much more manageable.

Real-time tracking of project progress and delay

View a task’s progress rate, status, and duration at a single glance. If a project is experiencing delays, you can quickly identify and respond to the problematic task.
Additionally, the ability to view both parent and subprojects makes it easier to understand the overall project.

A Gantt chart that anyone can use right away

With just a mouse, freely move or lengthen chart bars, select parent or subtasks, and designate version relations.
For a multitude of tasks, use Redmine’s import issue feature to quickly set up your Gantt chart.



UX designed for readability

Anko Gantt Chart boasts spacious full-screen mode, scroll-tracking header display, foldable tree chart form, and adjustable column widths.
Any adjustments to columns or trees are saved even if you move away and come back from different pages.
Even more features, such guideline colors per individual user settings or workflow displays, are part of the user-friendly design of Anko Gantt Chart.




Holiday Designation

Aside from Saturdays and Sundays, holidays can be set to customized needs such as foreign national holidays or a corporate anniversary. Holidays can easily be designated in a manner similar to using Excel or text files.



Installation and Support Environment

Categorization Item Type and Version Note
Install  Redmine  3.x ~ 5.x  
 Ruby  2.0 ~ 2.7  
 Database  Mysql, MariaDB, Postgresql  
 Plugins  Openalm Common 1.7.5 Or Above  Provided in Product’s Plugins
Support  Browser  Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox  IE 11 is not officially supported but still operates
*This plugin can be installed even when the internet is offline.


By using ANKO Gantt chart, You can improve the efficiency of the work.

Didn’t you think that using Redmine Gantt chart is something troublesome or inconvenient? There are no edit function, but only view functions in Redmine Gantt chart, so when you want to create or correct an issue, you should move another page form there. That had very low efficiencies.

ANKO Gantt chart is the plugin to add creating and editing function to normal “Redmine Gantt chart”. You can use ANKO Gantt chart to create a WBS very easily, intuitively without moving from a Gantt chart page. You can register WBS, Schedule management easily without any stress.


Main functions



When you click “new issue” in Gantt chart page, you can register “new issue” on the same page-Gantt chart page. You can quickly and efficiently register a new issue by checking a Gantt chart.


When you click the “To register subtask” icon next to the issue name, you can register “subtask” on the same page (Automatically, the parent task number is put in the Parent task Field).


You can register a hierarchical issue like as WBS efficiently, because you can register a subtask immediately while checking the Gantt chart.



You can change the issue(title, contents, status and the related issue etc) by clicking the issue title. You took time and effort to change the issue continuously in Gantt chart page of Redmine, because you should move to the issues detail page to change, after registering, you have to move to the Gantt chart page once again.


But if you use ANKO Gantt chart, you can change the issue only in Gantt chart page, so you can operate intuitively.


CHANGE START AND DUE DATES by mouse drag and Mass update

You can change the date of the Gantt chart with the mouse drag. While dragging the Gantt chart, the color of the Gantt chart is changed to transparent color, so you can easily compare with the original Gantt chart. You can move Gantt chart side to side, or change the width of it.


It is possible to improve work efficiency and to suppress unnecessary log generation by collective Mass update function. After selecting “Mass update”, dragging the Gantt chart by mouse will not change yet,  it will show how many changes to the information until now. When clicking “## Update”, Gantt charts is updated all at once.


To open, close Tree-View of issues

You can close or open Tree-View of issues by simply clicking the “-” and “+” icons.
If you click the “Show All” button, all Issues will open. If you click the number button, Issues in the same hierarchy are displayed.

Display of guidelines

It is possible to display guidelines. This makes it easy to identify the title of the ticket, due date and the position of the Gantt chart, etc.

Display and change weekday period number

You can check the number of weekdays in the period field. By clicking the period field, you can change the number of periods.

Display workflow

We provide a workflow display function that can visually confirm the status of the issue.


You can easily grasp what the next status is without having to click the status select box.

You can also change the status of the issue by clicking the workflow display icon. This will allow you to change the status of issue with a single click.


Setting holidays

It shows that it is a holiday with a gray background color. When you move the mouse to the day of the week part, the holiday name is displayed.


Redmine Gantt chart cloud show one chart with one issue based on Start and Due dates of issue. For that reason, you cloud not confirm the original plan’s date information after Start and Due dates of issue were corrected.


ANKO Gantt chart can show two charts with one issue. Therefore, you can confirm the estrangement of progress from a schedule in visual way with showing scheduled Start and Due dates at the plan stage.

A thick line shows a Start and Due dates of an actual issue, and a thin line under it shows scheduled Start and Due dates.



You can set issues with Parent issues or version by mouse drag, so you can check or build up the hierarchy or structure of issues very easily.

Rich UI

You are free to add and display the columns you want to check. It also displays the date.

Adjust width of  column

Move the mouse over the border of the issue title or other column and drag the mouse to adjust the width of its.


When there are many issues, it is necessary to scroll the page vertically, but when scrolling, the header  is not displayed on the screen, so the date can not be confirmed.


But using this function, you can solve it. If you scroll the page vertically, the header also automatically scroll and check the date at any time.


Full Screen

If you want to expand the Gantt Chart drawing area, click the “Full Screen” button. The sidebar area and the header menu area disappear, and the Gantt chart page displays on the full screen.


Clicking on the “Original Screen” button to return to the original screen easily.


Specification of ANKO Gantt chart

Redmine version Redmine3.X-5.X
 LICENSE SERVER LICENSE(1 license is necessary  per 1 server, no limite with the number of users and period of use.)

Download the manual here.



$ 800 (U.S. $)

Payment method: Bank transfer , credit card by PayPal.

$ 800 is the plug-in unit price , installation of plugin, technical assistance support  are not included.


Flow of your purchasee

1 . Please contact us from the e-mail.

2 . We offers you the evaluation version limited period of use. You can evaluate on your server. Please check and whether there is no conflict with other plugins.

3 . After confirming the payment, we will send the product plugin you within 5 days. .



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